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WRIVA Programs

Beach Patrol 3030

Beach Patrol is a chain of 21 volunteer community groups operating around Port Phillip Bay, each defined by suburb, post code and t-shirt colour.

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Coastal Programs

The Werribee River Association (WRivA) has worked on and promoted to the local community a number of coastal matters for many years.

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Friends of Cobbledick's Ford Reserve

The Werribee River Association (WRivA) has been involved with the future of Cobbledick’s Ford for many years.

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Friends of Werribee River Park

The Werribee River Association (WRivA) has shown interest and involvement in Werribee River Park since its proclamation in 2005.

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Formation of the Werribee River Catchment

The formation of the Werribee River catchment is a fascinating physiographical tale.  More than 50 million years ago, the Werribee River was merely a stream flowing westwards to join the Moorabool River. This explanation was outlined in Condon’s treatise on the geology of the lower Werribee River 19511.

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Strategic Matters

WRIVA has always believed it must act strategically in order to achieve better outcomes for the Werribee River and its catchment.  The need to do so was first illustrated in initiatives to form a body to protect the Werribee River as noted in a local report by Werribee Jaycees on the health of the river and its wildlife, in 1972.1

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