Werribee River Association is affiliated with Waterkeeper Alliance Inc., and so can host the role of the Werribee Riverkeeper.

Affiliation with Waterkeeper Alliance allows the Werribee Riverkeeper to function as the voice of the waterways to protect the Werribee River and its catchment waterways. The Alliance empowers Waterkeepers to speak with a single, authoritative voice through their campaigns to tackle the world’s most pressing water issues.

Environmental organisations such as the Werribee River Association provide local knowledge, local initiatives, add value, protect investment by authorities and government and provide opportunities to meet engagement targets or strategies and help build success. WRivA has brought knowledge and advocacy to the benefit of all, through ongoing work in water quality, platypus and other wildlife surveys, flora research, rehabilitation initiatives, advocacy and participation in integrated catchment management, natural resource management, strategic actions, and education.

The success of the Waterkeeper movement lies with the fact that individual Waterkeepers are connected to each other as a network, making them more effective in their communities’ courtrooms, classrooms, and in the media.   

Riverkeeper® is a registered trademark and service mark of Waterkeeper Alliance, Inc. and is licensed for use herein.