About LitterWatch

Wyndham LitterWatch is an award winning environmental project initiated by Wyndham’s major environmental organisations (Western Region Environment Centre, Werribee River Association, and Western Melbourne Catchments Network) in partnership with the Crossroads Uniting Church, Melbourne Water and Wyndham City Council.


The purpose of the project is to raise community awareness of the detrimental impacts of littering on our water ways, environment and our general amenity. The project set out to involve the whole community including business, government and educational organisations on a program of “Protect the Bay.”

Official Opening

Our second annual LitterWatch program for 2014 was formally launched by our Litter Champion Heidi Taylor of Tangaroa Blue at the Civic Centre on Tuesday 6 May. This was successful with 30 people in attendance who were provided with a stimulating program and engaged in a quality discussion. One excellent outcome of this meeting was the discussions held with residents of Campbell Cove who expressed interest in clean ups along the Werribee foreshore.


LitterWatch – a local initiative with global outcomes!

LitterWatch is a local initiative by concerned organisations and groups; aware plastic litter is a major threat to our environment. Plastic does not disappear. It ends up in our oceans, even if dropped in Wyndham, somewhere in metropolitan Melbourne or even inland, and will last for a long time, causing irreparable damage.

LitterWatch asks our participants that they take some action to support our litter concerns.

  1. Clean up a litter hot spot
  2. Advocate for change
  3. Become better consumers



 Friday 7th December

Dear Principal and Staff,

We would like to introduce the Wyndham LitterWatch Project to your school. The project is aimed at reducing litter in our environment, especially our vulnerable waterways and wetlands, through a united effort by all sectors of the community.


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