Friday 7th December

Dear Principal and Staff,

We would like to introduce the Wyndham LitterWatch Project to your school. The project is aimed at reducing litter in our environment, especially our vulnerable waterways and wetlands, through a united effort by all sectors of the community.

It has been devised by local groups and has the active support of Melbourne Water and Wyndham City Council.
Schools play an important role in educating children and parents about the importance of reducing litter through both prevention and clean-up.

The Wyndham LitterWatch project aims to assist schools and the community in such activities.
During the first half of 2013 the LitterWatch project intends to work with participating schools in a positive programme of litter prevention and clean-up activities.

Tim SilverwoodLitterWatch provides a packaged program including curriculum materials, videos, speaker and hands-on activity where appropriate. It will include the identification of “litter hot spots” in the vicinity of schools, whereby schools can initiate clean-up and monitoring.
Our major speaker for participating schools at no charge will be Australia’s own Tim Silverwood (See photo) who is internationally recognised in the impact of litter on our oceans and is one of the environmentalists responsible for the discovery of the “Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.”

For more information on Tim and his Take 3 - A Clean Beach Initiative, go to:

Tim will be available during the week of 21 – 27 April for school visits as well as a public meeting.

Expressions of interest in the LitterWatch are being invited, and respondents will be provided with a detailed program of various activities and opportunities for school involvement.

Send Expressions of Interest to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Phone: 0401854560

LitterWatch looks forward to your school’s involvement and requests details of any staff willing to act as contacts for the LitterWatch project.

Yours sincerely,

John Forrester

Werribee River Association

     Harry van Moorst

     Western Region Environment Centre


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