Friends of Werribee River Park

Friends of Werribee River Park

The Werribee River Association (WRivA) has shown interest and involvement in Werribee River Park since its proclamation in 2005.

That work includes

  • Being involved in community information sessions with like-minded groups and individuals
  • Conducting walks and talk in the park
  • Platypus observational surveys
  • Platypus eDNA surveys
  • Year birdlife surveys and other observations
  • Environmental flow observations
  • Water quality observations
  • Litter clean-ups
  • Canoe exploration
  • Revegetation and rehabilitation

WRivA’ latest work is continuing its work with a revegetation initiative with Parks Victoria and funding from Melbourne Water.

WRivA is the official Parks Victoria ‘Friends of Werribee River Park’.

The FOWRP aim to introduce more volunteers and ideas to the work envisioned in the future for the park, and is engaged in recent initiatives with the People and Parks Foundation to that end.