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The curse of litter is the world's worst environmental and human health problem. It is not just an amenity issue which the world thinks we can get rid of by picking it up. It is a consumer waste problem. It is threatening our very existence, endangering our future generations health, harming the free human health services such as fresh air, water and pollination and getting into our bodies. Litter is threatening the range of biodiversity which will be available in the future. It is harming our tourism industry and other businesses.

Token support and words by business and politicians is simply prolonging and exacerbating the problem.


The problem of litter is allowed to stay because of weak minded politicians not game to create container deposit schemes, higher packaging standards, and avoidance of waste control measures. It is simple encouraged by the continuance of landfill disposal methods. Corporations do not take responsibility despite their PR and spin.

Oil spills and dumping of coal waste are problems which get everyone's back up and bring loud disapproval, and may even lead to court action. Litter gets nothing like that, and things like plastic litter introduces toxins and unknown reactions in sea water, fresh water, in our wildlife and our bodies and yet we do nothing. Is plastic a new asbestos? Will plastic be despised and fought over like tobacco?

Will Keep Australia Beautiful need to become Keep Australia Healthy?



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