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The Werribee River has been regulated - i.e. controlled by tunnels which take water to reservoirs, and barriers i.e. diversion weirs, since the early 1900s. Three major storages collect winter rains and hold them for release in summer when it is needed for agriculture. Now that was seen as the way to go in the 1900s, when winter rains were more reliable and the only users of the water and the river were farmers and small towns. However, one hundred years later, less reliable rains and the growth of cities containing half a million people by 2036, will mean times have changed.

Now, alternative water supplies are possible, rainfall has altered greatly, the catchment is drying out, wildlife is dying, and human demands on the river are growing beyond just food supplies. So it is time to rethink what we are doing to the Werribee River.

Victoria has a desalination plant which we are paying for, and not using its water. A pipe was laid to connect the Melbourne Water system to the Werribee Diversion Weir pool in major drought time in the 2000s, so the opportunity to reconnect the system and use some of the desalination water to save the river is possible.

We need to give the river back to the people and save it and its unique Australian characteristics for future generations, and we need politicians with vision to do that for us.

Support the Werribee Riverkeeper in our latest call during the Victorian Election Campaign.





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