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A Container Deposit Scheme is an effective way in which we can do something about solving the litter problem. Most Australians want it, and so if it came to pass most Australians would support it by working with kids, or charities, or whoever sets up a business to collect the containers. So pocket money, the disadvantaged and business would benefit.

Litter legislation would be a second effective way in which we can solve the litter problem. Manufacturers, retailers and some consumers take no responsibility at all for the end use of the containers, or plastic, or foam, or packaging of any kind that is sold to us when we buy something. Laws and regulations making packaging  biodegradable, minimal, and or returnable are needed.


Cost is thrown at the community as a reason why we shouldn't have a CDS, or can't afford better legislation. Well, the cost of our current set-up to clean-up is in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year. City of Wyndham is one municipality spending over $1 mill now on litter clean up alone. So Melbourne has about 35 municipalities, and at $1 mill each that's a lot of money. Then we have Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, not counting the next tier of cities below them and so on. Then we have to count the cost of other government programs, millions of hours by volunteers, injury and death to wildlife, poor images for tourism or pride in towns.

Costs incurred in the future by landfill practice which we know now leaches toxins into our land and water, is going to cost future generations their health, their right to good land and clean water.

So why don't we have a CDS and better legislation?

Because Australian politicians are too focused on retaining their seats, and toeing the party line.

We need some people to think about what sort of world we live in now and what we are going to leave for future generations.


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