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The Werribee River is the major waterway of the urban growth expansion area to the west of Melbourne. The river begins in the Wombat Forest, is joined by that other beautiful river, the Lerderderg, at the eastern end of Bacchus Marsh, and together they provide a life giving link for those municipalities and electorates from the Great Dividing Range to Port Phillip Bay.

To enhance the west of Melbourne, for now and the future, the Werribee River needs to have an official upgraded status like parts of the Lerderderg, and the River needs to become a linear park, with controls and usage guidelines to assist the community gain the greatest level of human health and amenity which the community needs and will come to rely on in the future.

The River needs to have swimmable, fishable, drinkable water now and for ever.

We need to declare the river a place for the people for all time.

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