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The recent discovery of 9000 containers in the Bungey's Hole Werribee River raises some important questions.

Why do we continue to accept poor quality infrastructure in the west of Melbourne?

What have our waterway managers let this problem go on for so long?

Where is Sate Government in all this - why do they let the confusing situation survive where no-one knows who is in charge of our waterways - is it local government. Melbourne Water, State Government - no-one knows.

Where is the EPA? This is a serious problem. What else is coming out of the Bulban Rd drain? Why do we have such serious blue-green algae outbreaks in the Werribee below this point?

Where is our local press? They churn out standard sensationalism, pet, police, fashion, personality, sport and trivia stories. But where is their community responsibility?

We need cash for containers, clarification of responsibility among authorities, proper care for our beautiful assets, and an interested and challenging press.




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