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The lower Werribee river looks like a billiard table top, with the 100% covering of it by Azolla, for over three kilometres in length through the Werribee CBD, and another 1km a little upstream. Good views of the table top can be seen at Comben Dr and anywhere behind the CBD. Azolla is a native fern which loves still warm nutrient rich water. This section of the river has a practically useless low flow, let out of the Werribee Diversion Weir in a constant stream like a low to moderate flow from a fire hose. This same stretch of river was part of a longer length going downstream which endured a blue-green algal bloom of up to 7 or 8 km long earlier in summer, and the bloom is returning. Readers should walk under the Maltby Rd bridges and look at the bloom, part of which is the green scum which lies on the surface of the Werribee Open Range Zoo segment of the river. The river needs water, and permanently. It is time to move on from the 100 years of over extraction and give it back its life-blood - normal water flows!



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