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Recent litter research by WRivA in the Werribee River in Wyndham says that stormwater  drains contribute most of the litter found.

Most of the litter is plastic, either containers, snack packs or plastic bags. Thousands of items were found, and it was staggering to realise that Wyndham contributes many thousands of these items to the litter load on Port Phillip Bay. 

Transect studies, drain outlet surveys and visual observations were employed to establish findings. 

A great deal of the litter makes its way downstream and heads for Port Phillip Bay. On the way it lodges in reed beds, behind woody debris or is on the banks covered in grass. From those locations it makes its way seaward when higher river flows do arrive. 

Our research says that the stormwater drains need attention, as we need to make an impact on our wasteful lifestyle. Incentives like plastic bag free towns and container deposit legislation would provide a relief for our waterways. 

These problems are not unique to Wyndham. Why is government letting this situation go on? 


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