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Werribee River Association is seriously concerned about the impacts of seemingly permanent blue-green algae and Azolla species in the Werribee River below the diversion weir in Werribee.

There have been three blue-green algae blooms in up to twelve kilometres of the Werribee River between the diversion weir and the estuary since spring 2014.

The worst blooms were during summer directly downstream of the Maltby Bypass, where safari bus tourists at Werribee Open Range Zoo witnessed a sickly bright green waterway! Over the same time we have had an outbreak of Azolla species on the surface of the river through the CBD for up to six kilometres in length. It alarms WRivA that various other authorities do not consider these matters as part of their responsibility or are unclear about who is to take responsibility. That situationĀ is of major concern.

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