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Who is going to be hurt by one of these in the near future? Why do we have to put up with shopping trolleys in our rivers, on our roads, down our streets? These useful items can help us but they certainly do hinder us. Why does the Food and Grocery Council and its companion retailers hide behind programs of reporting which achieve nothing really? On our Facebook page Tue 19 Aug we showed a very short video of the dangers posed to drivers and pedestrians by this trolley in Cottrell St Werribee. It had been there for at least two days till we picked it up and removed it. It could have been hit by any driver, damaged their car and been carried onto the new pedestrian crossing just beyond the bridge, and hurting somebody.

Where are the retailers? What is the EPA doing about this sort of problem? Where are our politicians? Same procrastinatory state they've always been with the cash for cans initiative we suppose! When are they going to pull the marble out of the bag which says, "Do something about it!"






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