• Werribee Gorge from Werribee Vale
  • Bacchus Marsh Diversion Weir, Werribee River
  • Bacchus Marsh Diversion Weir, Werribee River
  • Werribee River, Werribee Vale below Diversion Weir
  • Bacchus Marsh Diversion Weir, Werribee River

This area is the valley formed by the Werribee River as it flows to Bacchus Marsh, from the Werribee Gorge State Park. Access to the area is via Werribee Vale Road, which starts in the centre of town just by the bridge over the river. Head westwards along the rural road, following it past Pepper Park named after its Peppercorn trees, and through winding hilly country until you see irrigated farmland. Once into the farmland, which relies on water from the river, the steep sides of the river escarpment loom to the south, and some bad erosion can be seen. Revegetation is being carried out in some areas by concerned land owners under the Grow West and other programs.

On the hill sides to the north, traces remain of aqueducts from earlier days when water was removed from the river for use by the Bacchus Marsh Township. Look for the almost horizontal lines across the hill sides.

The Werribee Vale Road stops short of the Bacchus Marsh Weir, which diverts water from the river for the Bacchus Marsh irrigation area into a channel on the south side of the Werribee Vale valley. 

Vegetation along the river comprises many exotic species, but some farmers and landowners are taking part in Melbourne Water programs to increase the numbers of indigenous species.

The river continues to flow out of Werribee Vale into the floodplain at Bacchus Marsh, upon which sits the township, and more irrigated farmland.

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