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The Werribee River Regional Park was announced by Minister for the Environment John Thwaites Wednesday 4th October 2006 at the K Road Cliffs Werribee. Launching the park’s draft management plan, the Minister said the new works would include a trail along the Werribee River, a pedestrian bridge to connect to the Werribee mansion precinct, an entrance road, car park, visitor facilities and fencing. WRIVA was present and spoke with members of the official party about being involved with the new park.

Parks Vic is the managers of the park:

Werribee River Regional Park http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/werribee-regional-park
comprises a 230 hectare linear strip on the west side of the Werribee River between the river mouth and the suburb of Werribee adjacent to the Princes Freeway (Maltby Bypass).
The Werribee River forms the eastern boundary of the Regional Park, except for the northern section, where the park is bounded by Werribee Open Range Zoo. The waters of the Werribee River continue to be managed by Melbourne Water, which has management responsibility for waterways in the Melbourne area.1

Discussion took place within the Werribee River Association in August 2011 on the merits of WRIVA becoming the ‘Friends of Werribee River Park.’ Discussion raised the need for knowledgeable local input in relation to native plants and wildlife, perhaps thru an advisory group. Many advantages for WRIVA could be seen by the association – new memberships, support, participants in activity, funding.

Subsequently WRIVA approached Parks Victoria to seek the title “Friends of Werribee River Park”, and has begun work and communications with relevant members of Parks Vic.

In 2011 a National Tree Day multi-partner event was held at the park and a crowd of over 200 turned up thanks to the wonderful work of the combined partners.

In February 2012 WRIVA helped introduce a group from Victorian National Parks Association to the park.

It is hoped to formalise the title “Friends of Werribee River Park”, during 2012.

Werribee River Park is located in Cocoroc (Melways ref: 224 J5). The vehicle entrance is accessed from Old Geelong Road onto New Farm Road (Melways ref: 205 E11). Follow New Farm Road through the Western Treatment Plant, over the Princes Freeway, and turn left at the end of the road.2

Gates at the entrance to New Farm Road are opened daily from 6am to 9pm.

1 Strategic Directions Statement for Werribee River Regional Park, Parks Vic 2009
2 http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/werribee-regional-park

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