Submission to HWS Thur 28 Sep 2017

Submission to Melbourne Water Healthy Waterways Strategy Co-design

The Werribee River Association Inc. was formed in Werribee in 1981, and worked on issues such as small revegetation works, removing car bodies from the river, rubbish clean ups, walks and talks, but also held a vision for the whole of the Werribee catchment.

From the 1990s into the millennium drought years, WRivA worked to meet the varied challenges of growing human impacts on the river catchment, and a drying catchment facing threats from climate change.

WRivA has undertaken a number of initiatives which have added great value to the vision of healthy waterways, wetlands and the bay.

WRivA has made many contributions to matters concerning stormwater, litter, water quality, planning, and development. WRivA was the first organisation in the catchment to research local biodiversity beginning with our platypus surveys, and was the leading community group calling for a waterway manager for the Werribee River until Melbourne Water’s boundaries were extended in 2005.

WRivA has had many representative, membership and leadership roles in a wide range of catchment and waterway initiatives.

WRivA has hosted the role of the Werribee Riverkeeper since 2014.

WRivA is currently working with Friends of Steele Creek and Environmental Justice Australia to create a document which will explore the advantages of the Yarra River Action Plan, from the Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung murron) Bill 2017, and show what can be rolled over from that action plan onto the Maribyrnong and Werribee River catchments.

WRivA thanks Melbourne Water for allowing the public to have a vital say in the refresh of the Healthy Waterways Strategy, and respectfully submits the following points for consideration.