Engage Victoria Plastic Pollution Survey

Submission to Engage Victoria Plastic Pollution Survey

Werribee River Association Inc. (WRivA) is pleased to submit its response to Engage Victoria’s Plastic Pollution Survey.

WRivA works with many partners in the Werribee River catchment, such as municipalities, water authorities, business, schools and community groups to:

  • protect water quality in the Werribee River, other local waterways and wetlands flowing to the coastline and into Port Phillip Bay
  • promote the re-establishment of natural habitat for wildlife in the Werribee River catchment
  • conserve and enhance attractive natural places for people to access and enjoy
  • provide educational programs about environmentally sustainable practices, educating a growing and diverse population living in the west of Melbourne

WRivA is aware that the problem of plastic pollution causes harm to the community, human health, the economy, and the environment. WRivA takes part actively in encouraging clean-ups, data collection, networking, research and advocacy.

We therefore submit our thoughts and some of our writing on the matter.

We wish to thank Engage Victoria for the opportunity to take part in this initiative.