With the onset of climate change in the Werribee Catchment, a number of observations can be made.

Temperatures are increasing, the catchment land has dried out, streams have less flow, vegetation is being impacted, and wildlife are being affected.

WRivA has been aware of these issues for many years, and included concerns of the matter in its first objectives in 1981.

WRivA has drawn attention to the plight of the catchment by:

  • Leading community calls for a waterway manager in the west of Melbourne 1995-2005
  • Submitting comment to the State Government’s GREEN PAPER “Securing Our Water Future” 2003
  • Submitting comment to the Regional Catchment Strategy 2003
  • Continuing calls for improved environmental flows for the Werribee River
  • Attending workshops, coastal conferences and other discussion with authorities and agencies
  • Promoting environmental flows in its social media pages and on its website from 2011
  • Contribution to the City of Wyndham Coastal Strategy – River to Skeleton Creek 2011
  • Adopting a climate change portfolio on its committee in 2015
  • Commencing citizen science research on coastal issues 2015
    • King Tides
    • Microplastics
    • Nutrients
    • Beach sand profiles
  • Hosting a tour of the lower Werribee for Manager Science & Research Victorian Commissioner for Sustainability 2016
  • Beginning a yearly series of film nights which emphasised the state of climate change around the world 2016
  • Calling for protection of our forests for water supply in Victorian Environmental Assessment Council investigation 2018