Litterblitz is WRivA’s practical action, advocacy and education program which was first developed in 2013.

Back then Litterblitz was organised by an alliance of Wyndham groups and the Uniting Church, with other support from Melbourne Water and the City of Wyndham.

Clean ups were a feature of the program, along with education in schools, practical action in schools, and use of support by our volunteers as the in-kind component of grant applications.

WRivA researched litter in Wyndham and produced a report entitled ‘A Stream of litter’, which highlighted the issue of litter in our waterways.

As well we joined in advocacy for a container deposit scheme in Victoria and in raising awareness of the over-use of plastics and the harm and pollution plastic is causing in our waterways and the oceans.

Our education programs have been seen by more than 10,000 students in over 40 schools.

We have been grateful for donations of equipment from Wyndham Marina, Bunnings.

We also have worked with corporate volunteers from Holcim Werribee, Hungry Jack’s, AGL, and are organising a project with the Riverwalk Estate which we hope will become a prototype for working with other developers.

Holcim Werribee have a corporate clean-up day each year at one hot spot on the Werribee River.

Since 2016 Holcim have collected 2.3 tonnes of litter, 2210 containers and given 225 volunteer hours of litter work.

WRivA members now manage three action campaigns, Beach Patrol 3030 (since 2015), Love Our Street 3030 (since 2017) and soon to be launched Love Our Street 3029 (2019).

Since 2015 WRivA’s Beach Patrol 3030 has collected 10.4 tonnes of litter, 13500 bottles & cans and given 2100 volunteer hours to litter work.


Since 2018 WRivA’s LOS 3030 has collected .6 tonnes of litter, 1500 bottles & cans and given 175 volunteer hours to litter work.

In 2018 WRivA was successful in an application for a grant over two years for Litterblitz, which aims to raise the level of awareness, partnerships and volunteerism to combat the threat of litter to the bay. A Litterblitz Officer was employed by WRivA courtesy of a Port Phillip Bay Fund Grant to further build on our successes.  

The Litterblitz project will work on litter hot spots adjacent to waterways in Wyndham, where litter is potentially destined for the bay, and carry out practical on-ground activity to clean up at those places, assist facilitation of new volunteers and partnerships in picking up that litter, and educate school students, community and organisations on the benefits of avoiding the creation of litter.