WRiVA currently supports 4 Litter Groups in Wyndham, providing practical action and community opportunities to combat litter.

Beach Patrol 3030 – commencing in 2015
Love Our Street 3030 – commencing in 2018
Love Our Street 3029 – commencing in 2019
Love Our Street 3024 – commencing in 2020

The first program began in 2013 and was organised by an alliance of Wyndham groups and the Uniting Church, with other support from Melbourne Water and the City of Wyndham.

WRivA research into litter in Wyndham has included the report ‘A Stream of litter’, which highlighted the issue of litter in our waterways. Read the full report.

A Stream of Litter Report – A WRivA Deakin Uni Project April May 2015

We were active in the campaign for a container deposit scheme in Victoria that is now due to commence in 2023.

We also provided litter education in schools, business clean-up opportunities and work with a range of partners on litter and waste.

We also conducted a LitterBlitz Project, a 2-year project community litter management, education and partnership program in the Werribee River catchment 2018-2020.

The Project included support for the existing litter group Beach Patrol 3030, and the creation of 3 additional litter groups called Love Our Streets, all affiliated with Beach Patrol Australia, offering long term and sustained outcomes for community involvement in clean-ups in Wyndham.

The Project also included many other community actions: 

  • engagement at a number of large community events 
  • education and litter audits in schools, 
  • support for a new organisation and outcomes in Bacchus Marsh
  • supporting the growth of our corporate volunteerism 
  • partnering with Wyndham City Council and many other stakeholders to support their work against litter.

Read the full report.

WRA LitterBlitz Project Report

We urge you, your family, your school or business, to get involved in our litter work. It is a great way to connect and care for our environment.

Business Sponsors
We are always seeking business sponsors for our special clean-ups, like Clean-up Australia Day and for other clean-ups throughout the year.

A sponsored clean-up will depend on your organisations capacity to fund and the ability to contribute to the actual clean-up.

To sponsor a clean-up doesn’t cost the earth.

And naturally, we will acknowledge your contribution and efforts. 

Send us an EOI.