Wyndham’s Beach Patrol 3030

Beach Patrol is a chain of 21 volunteer community groups operating around Port Phillip Bay, each defined by suburb, post code and t-shirt colour.

Beach Patrol 3030 is centred in Wyndham and works on the collection of litter and rubbish at river and beach locations.

Beach Patrol 3030 signs of success since 2015:

  • 190+ volunteers registered
  • 2000+ volunteer hours to date
  • 13000+ cans & bottles collected
  • 11000+kg rubbish collected
  • Participation in networking, forums and submissions to government
  • Community Environment Awards

Beach Patrol 3030 zone manager Rob Bradley said,

“Victoria needs to step in line with all other mainland states and introduce a container deposit scheme for drink containers. We also need a plastic bag ban, as containers and bags are causing harm to human health and the environment. They are causing harm to the tourist trade and jobs, and are hurting fishing and other sea based industry in Australia and around the world.”

On each second Sunday of the month, volunteers work with Beach Patrol 3030 from 11.30pm for one hour and then enjoy a coffee or a BBQ.

Thanks to our many supporters including Australian India Foundation Inc., Holcim Werribee, Wyndham Marina, Bunnings, and City of Wyndham.

This community’s thanks go to the enthusiastic Beach Patrol 3030 volunteers for working on the growing plague of litter in our community!