Climate Change

Climate change affects us all. Our actions to support a real response include:

Leading community calls for Melbourne Water to become waterway manager for the west of Melbourne 1995 – 2005

Continuing calls for improved environmental flows for the Werribee River 1995 – ongoing

Submitting comment to various State Government sustainability water strategies 2003 – ongoing

Submitting comment to various Regional Catchment Strategies 2003 – ongoing

Contributing to the City of Wyndham Coastal Strategies and management Plans 2011 – 2021

Contributing advice and technical assistance to the Victorian Commissioner for Sustainability State of the Environment Biodiversity Reports 2016 – 2021

Joint advocacy leader gaining Waterways of the West initiative from State Government 2017 – 2021

Call for the protection of Werribee River headwaters in the Central West Forests 2018 – 2021

We also partner with others to join the protest against inaction. 

Let’s work together to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change – for nature and human health.

Additionally, WRA welcomes partnerships with universities, students, and interested agencies to further our work and commitment to real action and research on climate change.