The Werribee River Association began in 1981, led by a group of vocal community members who were concerned about the degradation of the Werribee River and the impacts of urbanisation. They spoke up, took action, and their legacy remains today.

WRA always understood that the catchment of the river was important, and now acts strategically and practically in an effort to gain support for the health of the people and the rivers, creeks, wetlands, estuaries, and coastline of the Werribee catchment.

And now…

The organisation has become a professional environmental agency, with a small team of 3-4 part-time staff, working with hundreds of community volunteers, across multiple programs, and in partnership with dozens of stakeholders.

Werribee River Association also hosts the Werribee Riverkeeper, part of an International Alliance of Waterkeepers. 

In terms of social, community, and environmental benefits, we estimate that we contribute over $1 million worth each year. But we do this with your support!

Can you help us?

A donation of $25, $50, or $100 will go a long way to help us launch more of the projects that we are ready to roll out – in education, advocacy, research, and community programs.

As a registered charity…

We can provide your donation a receipt that you may use at tax time. And rest assured, each dollar will be spent on creating more beneficial social, environmental and community impacts will be used wisely.

With your support…

The work of the Werribee River Association is centered around waterways, habitat restoration, and ultimately human health. We are here to respond to the changes in our environment, and in supporting communities to connect to the solutions.


Map courtesy of Melbourne Water Healthy Waterways Strategy Rewrite Sep 2017


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