New podcast episode delves into the psychology behind littering!

Why do people litter?

And what can we do about it?

These are questions we grapple with daily as we continue to encounter discarded picnics, submerged shopping trolleys and dumped household waste in and around our precious waterways.

Lucky for us, environmental phycologist Rob Curnow has also been trying to answer these questions for over 20 years, while working on campaigns to try to understand and change people’s disposal behaviours. He has written a fantastic book called Litterology, co-authored with Karen Spehr, in which summarises the results of his extensive research, helping us to understand littering and the secrets to clean public places.

Rob shares these insights with us on Once Upon a River, a podcast from the Werribee River Association. Subscribe to listen to more episodes on your favourite podcast app.

You can buy an e-version of the book here:



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