Referendum on the Voice

Last Monday 26 June, WRA representatives attended a Welcoming Cities Forum to further outline the issues, opportunities and misconceptions of the upcoming referendum that will ask each Australian of voting age on whether Australia’s First Nations Peoples should be able to speak on matters that are important to them. Our Board & Staff are fully committed to encouraging everyone to talk up about the importance of this referendum. It is a resounding YES from us. 

During the forum, we had the privilege of hearing from esteemed guest speakers such as Ian HamJillian WestMark Brown, Deputy Mayor Cr. Jennie Barrera, and the local Federal Member of Parliament, Ms. Joanne Ryan.

Forum organised have since shared some further resources that might be useful to you or your groups.

·       The Uluru Statement from the Heart in multiple Languages, available in both audio and text formats. Additionally, you can download PDF versions of the Uluru Statement from the Heart in different languages here

·       Government-produced Community Toolkits, including posters, brochures, and booklets in multiple languages. These resources can be accessed here.

·       Together Yes, a coalition of local community organizations partnering with Indigenous-led campaigners across Australia to achieve a positive outcome in the referendum. Their efforts aim to empower everyone to play a positive role in securing a yes vote.

·       The Australian Electoral Commission provides comprehensive information on referendums, including details on how to vote in the upcoming referendum.

·       Multicultural For the Voice is an alliance of multicultural community organisations across Australia united to show their support for the upcoming referendum on a First Nationals Voice to parliament. Your organisation or association can become signatory to the Joint Resolution and learn more on how to get involved.

·       The Victorian Aboriginal News, coordinated by Uncle Charles Pakana, features a series of podcasts with interviews with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders sharing their perspectives on the upcoming referendum on the Voice.

If WRA can be of any further assistance on this important topic, please contact Lisa Field. We’d be very happy to speak to your community group and share our understanding of the importance of this upcoming referendum.


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