Citizen Science

Citizen science is when the public voluntarily helps conduct scientific research. Check out how you can be involved in helping to collect data, water samples and animal surveying, contributing to healthy waterways and communities!

Waterwatch at Bungeys Hole

A monthly citizen science program for monitoring waterway health. We have collected monthly water quality data from Bungeys Hole since 2008. For more information and to join the team, please email us at

Frog Surveys

Would you like to learn more about the species of frogs inhabiting our local waterways? Have you ever wondered which frog species you can hear whilst taking a stroll? Would you like to help ensure our frog species are never frog-otten? Then join our frog surveying team, meeting 5 times each month throughout Wyndham. Contact Erin Bradley at for more info.

Save Our Soils Water Watch (Werribee South)

As part of our Save Our Soils project, we are running monthly water quality testing in Werribee South. Join us of the 4th Tuesday of the month to analyse the quality of water flowing from the farms via three drain outlets into the river. For more info about the project and to get involved contact

Bird Surveys

WRA has now conducted bird surveys in the heart of Werribee at two locations and at Werribee River Regional Park, for over ten years. Join us in June for our winter counts, and during bird week in October, for our spring counts. The surveys are an excellent chance for learning about birds and their and requirements. We can supply you with an expected bird list for your school or area, and advice on how to conduct your own surveys. Contact: