Electric Vehicle Policy for City of Wyndham

It’s great to see Wyndham City Council’s draft Electric Vehicle Policy that envisions comprehensive support from a local government level to accelerate the transition to zero emissions transport. It’s very encouraging to see the council’s leadership and initiative to bring all stakeholders in this transition to the future of transportation. The policy expands beyond public charging infrastructure and extends to support for setting up charging infrastructure at home, which is an excellent step towards energy independence for all households when combined with the renewable energy supply. Including active transport and shared mobility options is essential to offer flexible transport options to the community.

An interesting article from the Gold Coast about the energy independence factor and how EV’s acted as a backup power during the floods last December. Read on – Queensland woman uses electric car to run her son’s dialysis machine during power cut | Electric vehicles | The Guardian

To add you input into Wyndham Council’s draft EV Policy, visit The Loop. Due before 3 March 2024.


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