Café Philosophique de la Révolution

3 Poets.
1 Musician.
4 grazing platters.
Many Conversations.

Café Philosophique was born out of a conversation between sisters Jess and Kaarin Fairfax. They wanted to create a space where diverse members of the community could come together in conversation, to share food and question the parts of our lives we often take for granted or struggle to understand. It follows the model of the Philosophy Cafe, founded in France in the early 90s.

To help the conversations come alive, the night begins with short performances from poets and musicians, that aim to inspire thought and new ways of seeing the seemingly obvious. Next come the grazing platters and we break out into small groups to delve deeper into the topic.

Having run since 2018, previous seasons have explored the themes of love, family, death, and grief. It’s been educational and enlightening.

In 2024, Café Philosophique will be presented by the Werribee River Association. Over four nights in February, we will explore what we must overcome to push against the powers, hindering our transition to a more sustainable and just future.

Thursday Feb 8: Disenchantment
What is disenchantment? What does it look/feel like? How can we feel enchanted again?

Poets: Fatima Measham, Harry Saddler & Vicki Fairfax
With music from environmental activist and folk-pop singer Matt Wicking.

Thursday Feb 15: Disconnection
Poets and storytellers will share their experience of disconnection, with community, with country, with self. How do we become disconnected, what does it lead to and how do we find connection again?

Poets: Gabriela Georges, Shu-Ling Chua & Connor Overden-Shaw
With didgeridoo meditation from proud Kurinji artist and local Wyndham resident Michael Cussens.

Thursday Feb 22: Distraction
Where dose distraction come from and how we can find some collective focus?

Poets: Leah Manaema Avene, Sean M Whelan & Margaret Campbell
With a traditional dance and music performance from Wyndham’s local Karen Cultural Group.

Thursday Feb 29: Apathy
Poets and storytellers will explore their relationship with apathy and how we can move past that defeating feeling of it all being too much.

Poets: Tumi the B, NOMAD & Manisha Anjali
With music from Senegambian Kora maestro Amadou Suso.


Join us for a month of moving performances, new ideas and deep conversations, that aims to build community and collective action.

When: Thursdays in February, 6:30pm
Where: Werribee Bowls Club, 239 Watton Street
More info:


  • Date : 29 Feb 2024
  • Time : 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm (Australia/Melbourne)
  • Venue : Werribee Bowls Club, 239 Watton Street Werribee

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Thursday Feb 15: Disconnection ( Unlimited tickets)
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Thursday Feb 22: Distraction ( Unlimited tickets)
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Thursday Feb 29: Apathy ( Unlimited tickets)
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