PFAs Accountability Act in the USA

We concur with the Waterkeeper Alliance in endorsing the PFAs Accountability Act in the USA, which will hold manufacturers responsible for PFAS pollution and the resulting health hazards. PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals’ due to their persistence in the environment, are increasingly of concern due to their increased proliferation into the human body, resulting in health risks.

Stormwater becomes a migration pathway for PFAS from such sites into water bodies. A local example in Melbourne’s West is Skeleton Creek, which has PFAS contamination through stormwater from the RAAF Williams site in Laverton. Defence sites like RAAF Williams have high concentrations of PFAS, as it was historically used in firefighting foam.

It’s not just humans who are affected, recently endangered dolphins off the coast of Melbourne were reported to contain the highest levels of PFAS reported anywhere in the world. Eliminating PFAS at the source and rigorous management of contaminated sites is vital to reduce the flow of PFAS into the human body and the environment.

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