Recycle Right in Wyndham

There are many household items that, although can not go into your home recycling bin, can still be recycled if taken to the right place. These items contain important materials and resources that can be turned into something new.

By recycling them, we not only reduce what we send to landfill, but also minimise the need to mine new materials. It can also help save the water and energy that is often required to make new products. Here is a list of recyclable items, and where they can be taken locally:

  • Bread Tags: Iramoo Community Centre
    These are collected by Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs and can be turned into beautiful homewares!
  • Milk Lids: Iramoo Community Centre
    Milk cartons have began to change the lid colour to clear, meaning you can actually keep them on the bottle for recycling in your household bin. If, however, you milk has a coloured lid you can bring them to the community centre for recycling.
  • Blister Packs: Chemist Warehouse
    Chemist Warehouse has partnered with Pharmacycle to roll out a blister pack recycling initiative across 100 pharmacies in Victoria. Local to Wyndham are the Heaths Road and Tarneit Gardens stores. To find more visit Pharmacycle.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Luis Joel Centre, Altona
    Please ensure your toothpaste tubes are cut in half and cleaned out.
  • Makeup and Skin Care Products: MECCA (Werribee Plaza)
    For more information on the products accepted visit Terracycle.
  • Apparel (bras, socks and textiles)
    1. Can be dropped at H&M (Werribee Plaza). More info here.
    2. Also you can order a box from Upparel that you can return with your textiles to be recycled. Note a cost of $40 is required for collection.
  • Shoes: Shoes & Sox (Werribee Plaza)
    These are recycled by TreadLightly into flooring mats.

Thank you to our local waste warrior Melissa Cook for sharing this list with us at our Wyndham Waste Alliance meeting. If you know of any other recycling drop off locations please contact so we can add it to the list!

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